Friday, 5 October 2012

New Arrivals- September 2012

Acc.  Num Author Title
062888 Sadhvi Lajvanti Devidas Shiromani Bhagat Kaviraj, Sant Haridasram Sahib Jo Mukthasar Jivan Charitra
062889 Vaswani J P The Miracle Of Forgiving: 70 Remarkable Stories Of Love And Forgiveness
062890 Vaswani J P Bhagavad Gita In A Nutshell
071253 MSBSHSE Biology: Practical Book Std 11
101832 Ponde Poonam Text Book Of Computer Networks-1
101835 Bharambe  Manisha Text Book Of System Programming - I ( T. Y. Sc. Computer Science Paper 1 Semester III )
101838 Bharambe Manisha A Text Book Of Theoretical Computer Science: T Y BSc. Comp. Sc. Paper 2 Sem 3 )
101841 Nimbalkar A B Text book Of Web development & PHP Programming-I  (T Y BSc Comp. Sc. Paper IV  Semester I)
203574 Gupta Charu, Ed Gendering Colonial India: Reforms, Print, Caste and Communalism
203575 Menon Nivedita Recovering Subversion: Feminist Politics Beyond The Law
203576 Patel Reena Working the Night Shift: Women in India's Call Center Industry
203577 Malvika Mannu Bhandari Aur Aap Ka Banti
203578 Quirk Randolph A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language
203579 Dongare N N Upyojit Manasshastra (Applied Psychology)
203581 Kundle, Madhukar B Adhyapanshastra Ani Padhati
203582 Dunakhe Arvind Pragat Shaikshanik Samajshastra(Advanced Educational Psychology)
203583 Bhatia Kamala Principles & Methods of Teaching
203585 Dandekar W  N Evaluation In Schools
410141 Chandra Suresh You Also Can Be A Writer
AR0009 University Of Pune University Of Pune Annual Report 2010 -11
AR0010 University Of Pune University Of Pune Annual Report 2010-11 Part I Analytical Information
AR0011 University Of Pune Pune Vidyapeetha  Varshik Ahawal 2010 -11
AR0012 MCCIA ISO 9001 Organisation Maharatta Chamber Of Commerce Industries And Agriculture 78th Annual Report 2011-12
AT0271 Kunjukunju Benson Financial System and Financial Institutions in India
AT0272 Mathur Vibha Foreign Trade, Export-Import Policy and Regional Trade Agreements of India
AT0273 Prasad Chandra Shekhar Agriculture and Sustainable Development in India
AT0274 Mani N Infrastructure Development and Financing in India
AT0275 Dayal Brijkishore Development of Educational System in India
AT0276 Gandotra Veena Consumer Education
AT0277 Ramani K V Textbook Of Educational Management
AT0278 Sambandhan D Global Recession in Historical and Recent Perspectives
AT0279 Reddy Hari Hara Nath Consumer Behaviour And Retail Management
AT0280 Ciccarelli, Saundra K Psychology With CD
AT0284 Bhasin  Niti Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India: Policies, Conditions and Procedures
AT0285 Satyanarayana G Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation in India: Policies and Programmes
AT0286 Chaube S. K. Hill Politics In Northeast India
AT0287 Bidwai Praful The Politics of Climate Change and the Global Crisis: Mortgaging Our Future
AT0288 Sharma  Suresh, Ed M K Gandhi's Hind Swaraj
AT0289 Dwivedi D N Managerial Economics
AT0293 Sarma V Nityananda Banking and Financial Systems

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