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                                              New Arrivals-August 2012
Acc No.               Title Author
71207 Organic Chemistry Carey Francis A
101828 How to Prepare  For Verbal Ability  & Reading Comprehension for the CAT: Common Admission Test  : based on the latest online pattern Sharma  Arun
101829 How to Prepare for Data Interpretation for the CAT: Common Admission test Sharma  Arun
101830 How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT Sharma Arun
101831 How to Prepare for logical reasoning for the CAT Sharma Arun
101827 Object Oriented Programming in C++ Lafore Robert
203549 Economic Reforms & Growth In India: Essays From Economic & Political Weekly Pulapre Balakrishnan, Ed
203551 International Financial Markets Bhalla  V. K.
203552 World Bank In India: Undermining ,Sovereignty, Distorting Development Kelley Michele, Ed
203553 Global Crisis: The Way Forward Stiglitz, Joseph E
203554 Stages of Capital: Law, Culture, and Market Governance in Late Colonial India Birla, Ritu
203561 Cost And Works Accounting  Paper-I : Material & Labour Cost ( S Y B Com) Mahajan Suhas
203564 Textbook of Cultural Economics Towse Ruth
203565 Managerial Economics Dwivedi D N
203566 Banking and Financial Systems Sarma V Nityananda
203567 Management of Banking and Financial Services Suresh Padmalatha
203568 Growth ,Development & Diversity: India's Record Since Liberalization Pushpangadan K, Ed
AT0219 Social Policy in Challenging Times: Economic Crisis and Welfare Systems Farnsworth Kevin, Ed
AT0220 Managing  Human  Resources: Industrial Relations In Indian Enterprises Dwivedi R S
AT0221 Glimpse Of Business Environment Vaishali
AT0222 Entrepreneurship Development Singh Balraj
AT0230 Indian Financial System Singh S P
At0231 Case Studies In Banking Bagchi S K
AT0236 Leadership By Example: The Ten Key Principles Of All Great Leaders Chopra  Sanjiv
AT0238 Management & Organisational  behaviour Rudani Ramesh B
AT0239 Strategic Marketing Management Aaker David A
AT0247 Retail Business Management Perumalsamy R
AT0248 Organisation Effectiveness & Change Sudan  A S
AT0252 Advertising Management Kumar N
AT0253 Personnel Management & Industrial Relations Kumar N
AT0254 Production & Operations Management Sharma Anand Kumar
AT0258 Cost & Works Accounting Paper II T Y  B Com Patkar MG
AT0263 First Lessons In Auditing Standards : For Ca Final, Pcc & Ipcc Students: Engegement And Quality Control Standards Kumar Vijay M P
AT0264 First Lessons in IND-AS ( IFRS Converged Accounting Standards ) Kumar M P Vijay
AT0265 First Lesson In Strategic Management ( For CA-IPCC) : Prime Knowledge Series Ram V Pattabhi
AT0266 First Lessons in Accounting For IPCC Group I Students Kumar M P Vijay
AT0271 Financial System and Financial Institutions in India Kunjukunju Benson
AT0278 Global Recession in Historical and Recent Perspectives Sambandhan D.
AT0279 Consumer Behaviour And Retail Management Raddy Hari Hara Nath
AT0262 Mergers and Acquisitions in Indian Banking Sector : A Case Study Rai Rohan
AT0267 V. G. Mehta's Income Tax Ready Reckoner Assessment Year 2012-13 Mehta N V
AT0272 Foreign Trade, Export-Import Policy and Regional Trade Agreements of India Mathur Vibha
AT0273 Agriculture and Sustainable Development in India PrasadChandra Shekhar
At0274 Infrastructure Development and Financing in India Mani N
AT0237 Mercantile Law : for CPT Course Rao Peddina Mohana
AT0225 Research Methodology in Education Upadhyay Devswaroop
AT0249 Advanced Educational Psychology Gill D S
AT0275 Development of Educational System in India Dayal Brijkishore
AT0277 Textbook Of Educational Management Ramani K V
62870 World Book Encyclopaedia Vol 1 A to Vol 21 W.X - Y. Z World Book Inc.
62866 Astrologers Day And Other Stories Narayan R K
203557 Listening to the Loom: Essays On Literature, Politics, And Violence Nagaraj D. R
AT0232 Aapka Banty Bhandari Mannu
203546 Architecture In Medieval India: Forms Contexts, Histories Juneja Monica, Ed
203547 Azad Hind: Writings And Speeches:1941-1943 Bose Chandra Subhas
203548 History Of The World: From The Late Nineteenth To The Early Twenty-First Century Dev Arjun
203556 Literature And Nationalist Ideology: Writing Histories Of Modern Indian Languages Harder Hans, Ed
AT0223 Modern Indian History Mullick Animesh
AT0224 History Of India Chaudhary B P
AT0235 Shivaji: His Life and Times Mehendale Gajanan Bhaskar
62867 Antarvedha Gadakha Yaswantrao
203550 India And China In The Colonial World Thampi Madhavi, Ed
203555 The Imaginary Institution Of India: Politics And Ideas Kaviraj Sudipta
AT0261 Governance, Development & Political Realism: Structural Issues And Policy Perspectives Miluwi J Joshua O
AT0268 Foreign Policy of India in the 21st Century Mohanty Biswaranjan
AT0240 Child Psychology Tiwari N M
AT0241 Applied Psychology Singh Anjana
AT0242 Status & Problems Of children With Disabilities Boraian M P
AT0243 Forensic Psychology Thou Teisi
AT0244 Abnormal Psychology : Causes & Remedies Prem Prakash
AT0245 Positive Psychology Kumar Sunil, Ed
AT0246 Psychosocial Aspect of Health and Illness Ojha Sandhya, Ed
AT0250 General Psychology Yadav R S
AT0251 Abnormal Psychology Sharma Samriti
AT0280 Psychology: South Asian Edition With Cd K Ciccarelli, Saundra,
62868 Vivek Chudamani Shri Shankaracharya
62869 Shri Vishnusahastranam Shri Sankaracharya
203558 Woman's Guide to Overcoming Depression Hart Archibald
203559 Power Of Forgiving Worthington Everett L
203560 Get Smarter Schulich Seymour
203569 Social Media ROI: Managing and Measuring Social Media Efforts in Your Organization Blanchard Olivier
203570 Medical Pluralism in Contemporary India Sujatha V, Ed
203571 Gender And Development In India: Current Issues Kalpagam U
203572 Making News in India: Star News and Star Ananda Batabyal Somnath
203573 What Is Theory?: Cultural Theory As Discourse And Dialogue Zima Peter V

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