Monday, 9 January 2012

New Arrivals December 2011

Acc Num TitleAuthor
045388Encyclopaedia Of World History  Vol. 1 To 7Kumari Alka
045396Encyclopaedia Of Great Women Of India  Vol 1 To 11Gajrani Shiv
045490WTO And Indian Agriculture Vol - 1 to 3Ahmed Rais
045480Encylopaedia Of Modern Mathematics  Vol - 1 to 9Chaurasya P K
045451Encyclopaedia Of Yoga For Common Diseases Vol - 1 to 6Kaul Kumar H
045473Encyclopaedic Textbook Of Modern Algebra Vol - 1 To 4Rohatgi R P.
AT0122I Am Another  YouKumar Priya
AT0123Perfect WorldKumar Priya
203442Beauty: A Very Short IntroductionRoger Scruton
203443Planets: A Very Short IntroductionRothery David A
203444Cancer: A Very Short IntroductionJames Nicholas
Autism: A Very Short Introduction
Frith Uta
045579Little PrinceSaint-Exupery Antoine De
045580Love in the time of choleraMarquez Gabriel Garcia
045581Eleven MinutesCoelho Paulo
045582Hero With A Thousand FacesCampbell Joseph
062842The Perfect Relationship: Guru And DiscipleVaswani J P
045577Creativity: Unleasing the Forces With in : Insights  For A New Way Of LivingOsho
045578Intimacy: Trusting Oneself & The Other : Insights  For A New Way Of LivingOsho
045457Badminton Skill & RulesKumar Sunil
045458Play & Learn RunningBlayan D
045459Play & Learn ChessKumar N
045460Basketball Skills & RulesTyagi Arun Kumar
045461Handbook Of Sports NutritionHussain Tahir P
045488Women Workers In IndiaYadav Ravi Prakash
045489High Quality At Economical CostAnand Kailash N
045493Poverty In IndiaVerma S N
045494Business: A Changing WorldFerrell O C
045495Global Business TodayHill Charles  W L
045496Micro Economy TodaySchiller Bradley R.
045511I, Steve - Steve Jobs In His Own WordsBeahm George
045502Improve Your VocabularyWillams James
045503Dare To DreamKalam A P J Abdul
0455043rd Alternative: Solving Life's Most Difficult ProblemsStephen Covey R
045505That Used To Be UsFriedman, Thomas L.

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